Thursday, April 17, 2014

Hello, Shinkansen!

It is unusual for me taking a train, even in my own country. I'm living in Bali and we don't use train here. When I spent my 5 year of uni in East Java, I took the train only once from Surabaya to Malang. Let's count it as almost never.

So here I go lucky enough to have a wonderful holiday in Japan. And for the first time I take the famous Shinkansen. I've heard a lot about it, one of the fastest trains on earth and the world's busiest high-speed train. 

To cut the accommodation budget, I spend my nights for 2 weeks at my aunt's house in Tokyo. And my trip always starts from the house. I spend the holiday with my brother and my cousin. According to the itinerary arranged by my brother, our furthest trip in a day will be Tokyo to Hiroshima. The distance between Tokyo and Hiroshima is approximately 674.4 km. And it only takes around 5 hours from Tokyo to Hiroshima with Shinkansen. AH-MA-ZING, isn't it? 

Thanks to Shinkansen, It is possible to do such a far trip in one day!